Sunday School

Northwood offers a number of Sunday School classes throughout the year. Each class is led by members of the congregation and supported by the Christian Education Ministry Team. Check it out below!

"Biblical TakeAways"  Sunday School Class
“Biblical TakeAways” is a 10-10:45 AM adult Sunday School study class which is nestled between the two Northwood Sunday morning services and will begin March 20th. This allows worshipers from both services to attend. The study and discussion will offer key “takeaways” based upon central Biblical truths and principles which are relevant for class participants to apply in their daily lives. The class draws on commentaries from noted scholars, and it will use Prof. N. T. Wright’s commentary, Early Christian Letters for Everyone as the class begins a study of New Testament letters of James, Peter, John, and Jude. Claudia Alwood and Garry Justice will be co-leading the study. Join us as we study God’s word!
*Choir members may slip out near the end of the class for choir, as needed.


Middle & High School Class meets in the Youth Room at 10:05am.
Children's Sunday School meets in room 16 at 11:00am.