While we encourage our members to make an annual pledge to the church which will help us budget for the coming year, gifts to the church may be made in any of the following ways: 

Give Online

On Sundays you may place a check or cash in the offering plate. Use the envelopes found in the pew racks, or request a year’s supply of giving envelopes from Chris Hurst, Business Administrator. As part of our worship services, we receive these gifts by passing an offering plate along the pews.

Mail or drop off your check in person at the church office: Northwood Presbyterian Church, 2875 State Road 580, Clearwater, Florida 33761. Some members find it convenient to write a check to the church monthly, as they do for monthly bills and household expenses. Payments using an online bill paying service should be sent to this address as well.

Use a debit or credit card to give online. The debit or credit card information is processed through an electronic gateway service that employs encryption and other security methods to protect your financial information. However, please note that the church pays a small processing fee to receive your contribution in this way. Login and give online today!

Donations of Stock are gladly accepted as gifts to the church. To initiate a stock transfer, please notify Chris Hurst in the church finance office (727-796-8090) or email us. Please plan to provide the following information:

*Your name
*Stock Name
*Number of Shares
 *Date the transfer will be initiated
*Purpose of gift and Year
*Any special instructions

Northwood Presbyterian Church does not hold stocks. Once transferred to the church, these assets are converted to cash. The Contribution Statement will reflect the value of the asset on the day of transfer.