Kitchen Krew

The Northwood Kitchen Krew consists of church members of varying ages and backgrounds who enjoy working with a group of people who have fun and great fellow fellowship while providing a service to the church and its members.  The Kitchen Krew has evolved into a ministry of its own with providing meals and events for the church and church members in their time of need.

The Northwood Kitchen Krew’s main responsibilities include:
-Setting up, preparing and serving the food for the  W.A.Y. Series dinners in the fall and 6 WAY dinners in the Spring.

-Setting up and facilitating the serving of food at church pot-luck dinner--Coordinating with pastors, deacons and Presbyterian Women to provide refreshments for gatherings following memorial services for members and friends.

-Supporting other church groups who plan events which include food.

-Providing Coffee, Tang and Cookies on Sunday mornings after church.

-Managing the kitchen’s equipment and supplies and maintaining Pinellas County Health Department standards.  In addition we acquire and stock supplies of food, beverages, equipment, tablecloths, table skirts and decorations for various types of events.

Kitchen Krew strives to provide quality food and beverage, beautifully presented, at the lowest cost possible, and most importantly – served with a smile!
The Kitchen Krew meets once each month to review requests for help, plan menus and schedule help for each event.
To request the Kitchen Krew’s help with an event, download a copy of Kitchen Krew Request Form.  Completed forms should be submitted to the church office.  Please submit requests at least 30 days prior to the event.

For more information, please contact Michael Cromwell by filling out the information below.

Kitchen Krew

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