Home Communion

Home Communion is offered to all members of the church who are unable to physically attend church due to health concerns, either short or long term.  It is delivered by Elders and Deacons who have had training regarding the Lord’s Supper and who have been commissioned to serve the Lord’s Supper to people who are at home or in health care facilities.  Home Communion teams consist of two church officers and the individual(s) usually receive Home Communion every other month or monthly by request.

 Home Communion can be any day of the month. The Home Communion teams schedule an appointment with their recipients, and in addition to serving the Lord’s Supper they visit with the person and provide a connection to the church.

 A Home Communion worship service is also offered on the second Sunday of the month to the residents of Palm Garden Health Center by a team of five to seven people.

 To learn more about this ministry, please contact a pastor at the church at 727-796-8090.